Steps to Backup Playstation 3

Most of us like playing games on computers and gaming systems like Playstation and Xbox, so here is a tip for all the gaming lovers who can extract most out of their gaming systems. Sony Playstation is a great gaming device liked by many and capable of not only playing games but also watching high definition movies.

With your Playstation 3 you can watch Blu Ray movies and also use its important feature to backup. Well if you haven’t already tried backing up your Playstation as yet, this is the time to do it. Your Playstation contains many things that need to be backed up like game saves which is very important if you are amidst critical stage in a game.

Here is how to do a Full Backup of PS3 on an external storage device (FAT32):

Points to Note: Your backup size can vary depending upon the data in PS3, so it would be better if your hard drive contains space of around 100 GB free.

1.    Connect the drive to the system.
2.    Go to XMB Menu –> Settings –> System Settings –> Backup Utility –> Backup –> Yes –> Yes
3.    Select your drive listed and wait for the preparation of the drive to finish. After this the back up process will start automatically.
4.    The backup process will take couple of hours (so in case you are on laptop, do connect your system to the AC mains).

The complete backup process will back up everything on your PS like movies, pics, game saves and music files etc.

Backing up Selective Game Saves (Manual Backup):

You can save game files of the games that you are currently playing on your external USB drive.

•    XMB Menu –> Game –> Saved Data Utility –> Press Triangle on your controller –> Select Copy –> Select Storage media.
•    Wait for the copy process, that’s it.

Restoration of Backups (Full System Restore and Game Save Restore)

For full system backup restore go to XMB Menu –> Settings –> System Settings –> Restore PS3 System –> Select backup from HDD –> Restore

For game save restore go to XMB Menu –> Game –> Saved Data Utility –> Select Game save from HDD –> Copy –> Press Triangle –> Copy on PS3

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