Steps to Batch Convert, Resize or Rename Photos using Microsoft Picture Manager

If you like clicking photos like me then you must have faced this situation where you want to convert most pic of yours into some common size, format or name. This Batch Conversion can be possible with most tools but the same is also possible with the default Microsoft Picture Manager.

Using this you can not only bulk convert the images into some common format but also rename the images at once and also resize them to certain size simultaneously. What you need to do is just follow the steps as below:

1. Launch Microsoft Picture Manager.

2. Go to File menu and click the option of “Add Picture Shortcut”.

3. Now you will be asked to select a folder which will be used to save your converted images.

4. After this you will see a blank screen in the Picture Screen, where you are supposed to drag and drop all the images to be converted.

5. Select the pictures to be converted.

6. In the File menu, click Export button which will open an options bar at the right side (as shown)

7. You can select the options available like Rename, Resize or Jpeg options to convert the image from one format to other.

The options are quite simple to use but if you come across any issue then drop a comment below.

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