Steps to Block or Disable Ads and Images for a Website

Well there are several reasons for disabling or blocking the images or advertisements on a specific Web Page. Common of them are:

•    If you are annoyed seeing a large number if ads on the page.
•    If you have a slow internet connection that takes a long time to load the images.
•    To block objectionable ads or images.
•    Or just that you want to block the ads.

The solution is quite simple and you can block ads/images in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Steps to block ads in Firefox:

1.    Click on Tools -> Options -> Content tab.
2.    Now if you want to block ads for all websites then simply uncheck the option of “Load Images Automatically” but to block images for specific website add the URL in “Exceptions” button.

3.    You could also use this to block the images for specific website. Tools -> Page Info -> click block images under Media Tab.

4.    Close Firefox and star again.

Steps to block images in Internet Explorer:

1.    Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab.
2.    Traverse to Multimedia section and uncheck the “Show pictures” checkbox.

So block those unwanted images.

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