Steps to Clean Infected Computer

So let me guess you have infected your system and tried many solutions to clean it. There are many ways to clean the system and of course the final step is to Format the PC which no one of us wants to do.

After receiving a problem from a user, I think I should discuss what I would have done to clean the system.

Steps to clean the system:

1.    The first and the foremost step, is to prevent the system from getting infected. So scan the media like CD, Pen Drive etc before connecting it to the computer with a good and updated Anti Virus.

2.    The above step will take out most of the threats but if it doesn’t then follow this post.

3.    But if your computer gets infected any how, then again scan the computer though it will be not effective as earlier.

4.    So if you know the name of the virus that is spreading then it would be easier to remove from the system. Say the virus is “newfolder.exe” then first kill the virus from the task manager.

5.    Now type “msconfig” in cmd and remove the “newfolder.exe” from the startup list (if any).

6.    Now boot into the safe mode and go to the cmd, type the following commands:
cd\ (to go in the root drive)
cd windows\system32 (hit enter)
attrib -s -h –r newfolder.exe (hit enter)
del newfolder.exe (hit enter)

Alternatively, you can follow the steps as in this post but for this virus.

7.    This would have deleted the virus though there are different steps to manually remove the different viruses.

8.    But even after trying the above steps the system is infected then resort to Formatting only. To format the PC properly read this post.

Any thoughts?

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