Steps to Clear Recent Searches in Facebook

Saving Searches as a history helps as you might need to visit that information again allowing you to see the search you did some time ago. Whether it’s Google or any other place like Facebook, searches are saved in history for your convenience. Not to forget, the reason why some websites save our searches is that by default they have an option enabled to save it.

Some time, search history can be little embarrassing (how?). Consider a situation where a husband try to search for his new office colleague (who is a girl) and his wife finds that he is looking for some girls on facebook. This situation can go worse if the wife is little jealous types. Also, it’s good to clear your searches from time to time. So how do we do that?

Below is the step by step process of clearing the search history on Facebook:

1. Click on the Search box after logging in Facebook.

2. It will right away pop up your history. You will see an Edit button on right side of the suggestions (as shown).
3. Click on the Edit button.
4. In the page that opens, now click the Clear Searches button.

5. You will be asked to confirm if you want to do or not.


Confirming this box and clicking on Clear Searches, will clean out all your recent searches and your wall will be clean of any searches.

Although, a small tip yet a useful one for people who don’t know how to clear the search history in Facebook.

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