Steps to Copy Text from Image Easily

How many times it happen that you have some scanned image of a document and want to copy the text from there? Yes quite often. So if you have any image whether scanned or photographed, you can still take out the text from the image easily.

Well there are many software available for that purpose that works on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system but those are not free and you will have to pay some amount for using those software.

So for copying the text from the image all you need is Microsoft Office OneNote and rest it will take care of itself.


1.    Run the Microsoft Office OneNote.

2.    Just copy the image (any format whether jpg, bmp, png etc) and paste it in the OneNote. Don’t “open with” the image as it will give an error.

3.    Now select the entire image and right click on the page.

4.    Click the option “Copy Text From Picture”.

5.    Just paste the contents back on any Word Document.

The text has been extracted from Office OneNote and can be printed neatly. If you are worried about the formatting of the pasted content, you could select “Keep Source formatting” in the paste option.

Let me know how did you like the tip?

72 Replies to “Steps to Copy Text from Image Easily”

  1. I can’t find Microsoft Office OneNote on my computer. Is this program part of Word? Or, is Word part of this Program? I don’t use Word.

  2. @Rich Johnson
    One Note is a part of MS Office, and if you dont have it in your system then it simply means you might want to upgrade your MS Office version.

  3. Abid, i am not sure if OneNote will recognize that or not. Since English is the default language, MS recognizes it, however you may try changing the language of MS to Bengali first and see if it works.

  4. I have loved this hack forever. OneNote 2013 was installed on my computer and now it doesn’t work. Any ideas? Is there a bug in 2013 version?

  5. im not able to copy. the text is in running and when i copy it, its in a coding language. any solution for this….

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