Steps to Copy Text from Image Easily

How many times it happen that you have some scanned image of a document and want to copy the text from there? Yes quite often. So if you have any image whether scanned or photographed, you can still take out the text from the image easily.

Well there are many software available for that purpose that works on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system but those are not free and you will have to pay some amount for using those software.

So for copying the text from the image all you need is Microsoft Office OneNote and rest it will take care of itself.


1.    Run the Microsoft Office OneNote.

2.    Just copy the image (any format whether jpg, bmp, png etc) and paste it in the OneNote. Don’t “open with” the image as it will give an error.

3.    Now select the entire image and right click on the page.

4.    Click the option “Copy Text From Picture”.

5.    Just paste the contents back on any Word Document.

The text has been extracted from Office OneNote and can be printed neatly. If you are worried about the formatting of the pasted content, you could select “Keep Source formatting” in the paste option.

Let me know how did you like the tip?

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  1. Trick is AWSM no doubt… but it changes the format especially when tables are included. If you know something better than this even with any paid s/w then pls share……. :Þ

  2. its not useful for me.
    as i wanted to copy marathi text from the picture
    and it was not working.
    suggest me keeping marathi font as it is when its pasted.

  3. I didnt get the option “copy text from picture” upon right clicking. any reason why? I am using onennote 2003

  4. I have a similar problem as Seema Patel as I wanted to copy Russian (Cyrillic) script. Nevertheless, I tried it and this is by far the best solution that I’ve found to copy text from an image. Everyone else in talking about OCR variants. Thanks for the tip.

  5. WOW !!!!!!!!!!
    What a great tip. Just want to copy a poem from a wallpaper, and then search for a solution on google and it works like a charm.
    Thanks a ton man.

  6. Great tip…
    Needed to get the text a image. And this tip helped me to save my one hour time.
    Thank you so much.

  7. I just get the jpeg code when I paste it. Any ideas? If I could get it to work it would be awsome. I have a pile of pages typed up on a typewriter that I am trying to convert so a regular word file.

  8. Since I appear to be the only person on here who doesn’t get this, perhaps somebody will explain it to me? The article says that OCR programems “are not free and you will have to pay some amount for using those software”. It then gives as an alternative Microsoft Office OneNote – which, as far as I can see, costs about £50. What am I missing here?

  9. @Pieman
    It all depends on what Office package you have bought/installed on your machine. Seems like you dont have OneNote installed. Either you can get it (original/non-original) or you can do these at some friends’ place.

  10. brilliant!!!! thanks so much! though i’m not being able to retain the original format of the text, i’m at least getting the text copied as it is without any hampering being done to it; as it happens in most of the OCR image-text conversions.

    thanks again for helping me to save a hell lot of time!


  11. I had like 15 images with text to type, but after i Googled and found this website on top, its now easy to copy text from image and of course i have gained much knowledge on this article, thanks a lot!


  12. When i follow your steps every thing is fine but when i copy and paste it in word it display unkown format LIKE this one:-

    Page 5555
    tLaeaLa aLaaj +tL a •)eO ,La aa a L La fLa aa & La 1Lat4
    Laa tL 4 tL stsaa 4 ap La, La LaLa ataa Lt aLta La
    Laa 4. jL , aa Late. Lea d La ae atteaa 4. atLL
    4sStKSa 45ae faaaa Laat aaa a. tL aafa Laasaa 4. tL L

  13. I have cursive font in my image document and so the tip which you provided is not helpful to me.

    So plz tell any other software which allows me to extract cursive text.

  14. When I copy english text from picture is OK, but when i want to copy and paste in word text from cyrilic it display something like

    OnmTecTBeHaTa aernua e HCBO3MO)KH )OKOJIK He nocTojaT
    JIpaBIfJTa UETO ro perysmpaar KHBOTOT BO Hea. OHecyBaeTo Ha .rlyteTo
    BO OHU1TCTBOTO ce peryimpa Co 3JIMHH BHOB14 npaiia (HopMM


  15. Thanks for the tip Dave, I am installing that google software right now. I hope it works as great as you say. I have onenote but I agree with everyone here, its not that great at copying text. Especially if it has tables or if it is not high resolution.

  16. OMG you saved my france class. I had tones of homeworks and assignments! Now i’m gonna do it without worrying wheeeew

  17. hey all, one of my folks who is doin kinda part time job wants to use this but is worried if she getz caught due to some unknown
    testing s/w…. does the final content be evaluated if its typed or copied from image??? kindly help if yu have an ans… cheers

  18. Oh my god thank you sooooo much!! I needed my scanned CV to turn into a word doc but it wasn’t going to happen :L so thank god for this.. ill still have to redo my layout again but it saves me so much more hassle!

  19. It only support for less than 5 languages how do I copy Persian
    text from an image .

  20. This trick is too good..
    But i could not get that “keep source formatting” feature.
    How to keep the same formatting. While pasting there is no such option available.

  21. @Sakar
    It would be like a small envelope that is instantly visible when you paste it somewhere on the doc.

  22. thanks a lot boss…..thanks u so much…it helps me a lot..simple trick but huge use….thank u

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