9 Replies to “Steps to Create U.S. iTunes Store Account Completely Free”

  1. i wonder is this step of having iphone users create a separate account with itunes is of any use , it complicates matters because it allows apple to establish its own billing relationship with iPhone customers, rather than collecting payments for any iTunes purchases they make via the mobile operator. What is the value to the customer? 2 billing accounts and forcibly having to create a itunes account ,just don’t understand it.

  2. Excellent post!! Was indispensable for a noob iphone “player” like me….. lol 😀
    good goin dude…. n iphone rocks!!!!

  3. well this method has been given on the apple site also 😛

    but this method wont work for the time being cos there are some server problems due to some upgradation going on at the apple site…. so lets hope apple techs solve this problem

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