Steps to Delete Files Used by another Program

Unable to delete a file and annoyed by Windows giving this message “Cannot Delete Folder: It is being used by another person or program”? Don’t know which process to kill?

It happens many times that we want to delete a file or a folder but can’t do so and get an error message that the file is in use. It also happens that we can’t even rename or move the file.

Well the solution is quite simple and in fact there are many of those:

1.    You can download this utility called Unlocker and easily close the applications

using the file before deleting the file.

2.    You can also try this option:

Run cmd and go to the directory where the file is using cd command. Then just type the following command

del xxx

where xxx is the full name of the file.

3.    But if you don’t like installing any software then this solution is the best for you (I also use this method most of the time).

Reboot the PC and as soon as the system boots up just delete the file, it will be deleted easily. The only thing is that you should delete the file before it is used by the actual program.

There may be more solutions to this problem so just let me know.

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