Steps to Disable Content Advisor in IE

One of our readers wanted to know how to disable the Content Advisor in his Internet Explorer but before we do that let’s find out what is Content Advisor and what it does.

Content Advisor

The Content Advisor is a feature provided in the IE that blocks websites based on the content posted on them. If the user had chosen to enable the Content Advisor for IE, it blocks the inappropriate websites based on the content like explicit material or any other sensitive material.

This feature is great for those who want to put certain restrictions when using internet and for those who want their children to surf only legitimate sites. If you need to access certain websites, you can remove Content Advisor ratings in specific areas, or disable the Content Advisor completely until you need it again.


1.    Open the Internet Explorer, click on Internet Options to manage the settings.
2.    Click on the Content tab.
3.    Now you will see the Content Advisor to be enabled, you need to click the Disable button. This will open the password dialog where you need to provide the same password that was entered when Content Advisor was enabled.
If you only want to disable Content Advisor ratings in certain categories, skip this step
4.    Click the “Settings” button.
5.    Click the “Ratings” tab at the top of the “Content Advisor” window.
6.    Click any item in the main area of the window, under “Select a category to view the rating levels.”
7.    Move the slider bar to the right to select “Unrestricted.” This removes Content Advisor ratings for that category. Continue with this process until you have removed the ratings for all desired categories.
8.    Click “OK” twice to save your settings.

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