Steps to Disable New User Registration on WordPress Blog

All those admin who run a wordpress blog like me might have faced this problem of receiving spam new user registration on the blog. I have been getting notifications for the new user registration in my blog lately but it came as a surprise to me when one day I received 17 new registrations.

Of course, this should not happen as it poses security threat to the blog. I will share a way how I stopped the spammers to register themselves as a new user subscriber in my blog.


1.    Open your blog cPanel and click PHPMyAdmin link in it.

2.    Now select your database schema from the left side bar.

3.    Here you will see list of files in the database.

4.    Click the browse button of the “wp_options” file as shown below.

5.    This will open the list of changes that you can make, find out the entry “users_can_register” in it.

6.    Click the pencil icon of this entry to make changes in it (as shown above).

7.    Now the screen that opens, you need to make couple of changes to disable the new user registration.

8.    As shown in the image below, change the value from 1 to 0 and also change the yes to no.

9.    Click GO button below (below the Go button shown in the image) to save the changes.

Now if you try to login the registration page like “” you should see some error message like this

and this confirms that no more spam user registration would occur in future.

Let me know if it helped you.

3 Replies to “Steps to Disable New User Registration on WordPress Blog”

  1. Thank you very much for this post. I was starting to see more of these spam registrations come through and I was worried it was the first step of potential hacking of my sites. Your post was just what I was looking for. Much appreciated!

  2. Great – thanks – a nice simple fix. Seems like this is configurable in the database, why don’t they expose it as a user option?

  3. Well, I was putting up with it for about two months. All of the sudden user registrations were coming in about two or three a day. I had bookmarked this post as a fail safe and finally went back and did it. I blocked all user registrations.

    Thanks for the tip. Maybe I’ll put my email in there somewhere and if someone wants to try to register, they can send me an email.


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