Steps to Disable VLC Building Font Cache Problem

One of our regular readers was irritated at this problem of VLC Building Font Cache. Because of this problem VLC starts rebuilding the font file to show the subtitles in the video which feels very irritating. If you are also facing the same issue then the following solution shall help you.

Steps to solve the problem:

1.    Run the VLC player

2.    Press Ctrl + P, to open the Preferences dialog box.

3.    Now as depicted in the image, select the option of “All” under Show Settings.

4.    Expand the Videos option in the left bar, and click on the Subtitles/OSD option.

5.    Now in the right side, select the option of dropdown “Text rendering module” as “Dummy font rendering functions”.

6.    Click Save to save the settings.

7.    Close the player and run it again.

Now you will observe that when you play a movie with subtitles the building cache problem should have gone.

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