Steps to Do at WARNING: Connection Problem in CS

This is a common sight that when playing Counter Strike or Counter Strike Source, we get to see “WARNING: Connection Problem” written on the top right corner of the screen. This is a problem faced by many including one of our readers.

This is purely a network or connection problem that occurs when you have lost your connection with your server. The problem does not have a permanent or definite fix for it but then also you can do following things when you encounter this:

•    Check if the firewall is not blocking steam or half-life.

•    Make sure you are not running any background process that consumes internet bandwidth.

•    Make sure the settings you made in network settings are correct.

•    Reboot the PC.

•    Restart the internet by restarting the modem.

•    Re-install the game.

The problem is temporary and depends on your network and can be removed if your network is properly connected.

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