Steps to Download, Save or Record Live Streaming Audio

We like listening to music and also enjoy downloading it from internet, don’t we? Websites that provide us with the direct links to download the music or the song is liked by us while there are several other sites that do not allow us to download but to enjoy it online.

I came across a useful tool that will enable us to save or record the streaming sound or Internet Radio that we are listening. The idea behind the tool is that it lets us save whatever we hear from our computer speakers. Yes of course we will have to listen to it completely.

There are several tools available that allow us to save the music being played from internet through Sound Card of the PC but what I found most helpful and easy is FreeCorder. The only disadvantage about it is that it installs as a toolbar in the web browser so if you don’t mind this, it will be a perfect option for you. The output file can either be a MP3 or a WAV file.


•    After installing it is advisable to configure it before using it for the first time.

•    There is an option “Record From Freecorder Audio Driver” that is selected by default and this is the option that save the audio from the speakers (you may configure it according to your needs).

•    After setting up the application, just press the red button to Record the audio. A box will open showing variations of audio.

•    Click Stop to end recording.

The tool is safe and also records the sound even if the Mute option is on.

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  1. Nice tool… possibly can also be used to convert your old classics from cassettes (almost extinct now) into mp3s

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