Steps to Enable Hibernation Disabled in Windows

One of our readers was facing the problem of invisible Hibernation tab in the Power Options due to which he was unable to Hibernate the computer during Shut Down.

Now since the Hibernate option is disabled, the computer can neither be put in Hibernate mode nor on Stand By which also gets disabled.

Steps to Enable Hibernation:

1.    Go to Control Panel -> Power Options -> Hibernate tab and check the box of “Enable Hibernation”.

2.    This would have enabled the Hibernation which can be used when you press the Shift button during Shutdown.

3.    But if still you can’t see the Hibernate tab, then you can try the following command in the command prompt which is the same as the above steps

powercfg /hibernate on

Check if the Hibernation is supported by the computer hardware or not:

Type the following command in the command prompt to see whether your computer will actually support the Hibernation or not

powercfg /a

You will something as above, but if you also see the line “The system firmware does not support this standby state” then you cannot enable the feature.

2 Replies to “Steps to Enable Hibernation Disabled in Windows”

  1. Hi I just tried the command: powercfg /a

    its showing

    The following sleep states are not available on this system:

    Before few days it was enabled, now what happened not sure, How to get it fixed!!!


  2. I also tried command powercfg /a and it shows that hiberantion is available but still my PC wont hibernate. it shows “preparing to hibernate” when i click hibernate, the monitor will flicker and then stop hibernating.

    please help

    thanks in advance!!!

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