Steps to Enable/Disable Macro in Office 2007

I was supposed to work on the Microsoft Excel Document .xls yesterday and was required to enable the macro for that purpose. This is not a big problem as we used to do that by going to the Tools tab (Tools -> Macro) in earlier versions of Office than 2007.

Macros are one of the important features in Office application and especially for those using Excel. Enabling or disabling macros was easy till Excel 2003 but what in Excel 2007 where there is no tools tab?

We can see the Macro Security option in the Developer tab of Office/Excel 2007 from where we can easily enable or disable the macro. So here are the steps to enable the “Developer” tab in Office 2007.

Steps to enable the Developer tab in Office 2007:

1.    Open the office document and then click on Office button on the corner left.

2.    Click on the options button at the bottom bar near exit button (example, if you are using Excel then click on Excel options button near Exit Excel button).

3.    Under the Popular tab and Top options for working with Excel, check Show Developer tab in the Ribbon (as shown).

4.    Click OK and you are now able to access the Macro Security button in the Developer tab.

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