Steps to fix the problem of Language Bar coming back again

This is a common problem faced by most of us and it is so small a thing that we actually ignore it. It happens in our Windows, we see a “Language Bar” on our taskbar.

We rarely need this and even on turning it off, it comes again after restarting the PC.

Turning it off permanently is easy and can be done as:

1.    Right click on the Language Bar buttons, click on the option of “settings”.

2.    Now in the “Text Services and Input Languages” dialog, click on the “Language Bar” button at bottom.

3.    Now in the box that opened, uncheck the first option as shown below.

4.    Click OK and again to apply the changes.

Language Bar will not return again. So turn your useless Language Bar off permanently.

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  1. Thank you for your Language Bar solution. It worked great for me and I was really getting tired of unchecking it each time I restarted my PC. Again, many thanks……..

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