Steps to Open or Eject a Jammed and Stuck CD Drive

It can happen to anyone that a CD that you have inserted in the CD Drive gets stuck causing the drive to get jammed and not eject when the eject button is pressed.

This usually happens due to a worn out CD but do not worry as you can manually open the CD Drive within seconds.


1.    What you need is a pin like a Paper Clip. Just ensure that the pin is neither too thin not too thick.

2.    Bend one corner of the paper clip so that it becomes straight and behaves like a poking device.

3.    Now notice a tiny hole in front of the drive near the eject button.

Push the clip in this ejector hole firmly. This will hit the emergency eject latch which will open the drive.

4.    The CD Drive will come out a little.

5.    Pull the drive to open it completely.

This thing does not require power and works both on Laptop and Desktop.

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