Steps to Protect Your Computer against Hackers

This is a world full of malicious programmers and hackers who tend to break into our system and steal our data and accounts.

Well protection against them is not that difficult and you could stay safe by following some of the following tips.


1.    Updates

Make sure that you always install your security updates to make Windows safer and also the Software Updates so as to remove all the vulnerabilities from the old versions of the software.

2.    Firewall

Ensure that your Firewall is ON by default as this will stop most of the intruders. You may also wish to have a look at the Zone Alarm which provides us with good firewall software.

3.    Anti Virus

To remove all the malicious entries from the system.

4.    Password sharing

Never share your personal information and passwords with anyone.

5.    Cookies

Always make sure that you clean up your Internet Cookies and other temporary files when finished with browsing.

6.    To gain access to private sites ensure proper isolation.

7.   Also ensure to change your password frequently.

May be you can think of more points, if yes then do share it here.

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