Steps to Re-enable Windows Audio Service

My friend called me yesterday as he was facing the problem of Audio not working on his computer. On being asked he told that by mistake he disabled all the services of the computer (Quite stupid, I know). But he was having a hard time to solve that problem as the services were not starting again and gave an error message each time.

Disabling the service included disabling the Windows Audio Service that resulted in audio of the system not working. Nor installing the audio drivers again solved the problem, neither restoring the system to an earlier time.

So if you also want to re-enable the Windows Audio service then try this fix:

1.    Windows Audio Service is dependent on the Plug and Play service of the computer and you will see that disabling the Windows Audio Service also disabled the Plug and Play service.

2.    So the solution is quite simple and is to just enable the Plug and Play service before the Windows Audio Service.

3.    Type services.msc in the Run box to open the Services running in the system.

4.    Enable the “Plug and Play” service before any other.

5.    Now start the “Windows Audio Service” which will start without any errors this time.

You may require rebooting, but the sound has been enabled for sure.

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  1. I’ve tried everything!! I’ve tried doing what deefer said, Plug & play are started, DCOM is started, and remote procedure is started. But when i try to start Endpoint builder and multimedia class, “Error 1930xc1” comes up saying it can’t start on local computer.
    I have not had sound on my dell windows 7 laptop in almost a year. My sound says no audio devices are installed. D: Help!

  2. It seems that you dont have audio drivers installed. Download the audio drivers from the website as per your system make, and install them.

  3. I have all the services enabled and set to automatic, BUT, every time I shut down, something disables the windows audio service, and as I said…it is set to automatic, but I have to go MANUALLY enable it time and time again after I have re-booted.

  4. When do people start demanding from MS that that are payed for ??? Audio simply must work as other aspect of OS ! MS is doing their work very sloppy ! I too have some problem with audio ! How come MS that problems stays the same nothing rely changes except for every new MS OS newer enough power to do what or better yet to not doing what ??? MS crap it was, crap it is and crap will stay ! And now pushing Win 8 out, as to day problems with drivers for win 7 one can only imagine how many problems will be there with win 8 drivers ! MS is pretty nasty OS ! I’m pretty sure if were Win open source there will be far minor problems as with commercial versions !!! This one is simply unbelievable ! What MS rely needs is 24h o clock digital integrated bill gates that repair sloppy win in real time so called self healing like Minix Linux and similar !!! Why must user non stop administer and repair this shit ! We are living in 21st and thing must work specially those what are payed for otherwise someone should take a visit at Redmond and rip some executives head of for such nasty product !!!

  5. i think i found a way of solving this problem.

    1. go to the service menu shown above, than go to the windows audio.

    2. right click on windows audio and go on to the dependency tab.

    3. look at all the services that window audio is dependent on and enable all. meaning none should say disabled next to it. to enable it you have to set it to Manuel and start it.

    4. go back to windows audio and click on start. hopefully it should work.

  6. Good article, but my laptop still has no audio. Plug and play and Windows audio services were already enabled.

  7. I need help, I did all steps that you told about. I get this message:
    windows could not start the windows audio service on local computer.
    Error 0x800706cc

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