Steps to Reduce Counter Strike Latency or Ping

One of the most popular online games Counter Strike or CS also has some problems related to it. Almost one out of two people playing this game is troubled by the problem of facing a high ping or uneven latency. The high latency makes the game lag so badly that it becomes very difficult to play.

In spite of having good configuration of the PC and a high speed internet connection the gamers come across this strange problem. This is a major problem of CS players around the world and of one of our readers. The reasons for this problem can differ person to person and there is no fix solution to the problem but I have listed here various solutions that may solve your problem.

Steps to try:

1.    Since there is no definite solution to the problem, the first and the foremost thing you should do is to change your ISP. Yes, it happens that if you are getting high latency/ping in the game, changing the Internet Service Provider will solve your problem.

2.    Though it would be difficult to know, but having the same ISP as of the server will greatly reduce the ping while playing the game.

3.    Do delete all the temporary stuffs of the system like caches, temporary files to free up the system’s resources. To perform the disk cleanup, right click on the drive and click on Properties, then click on Disk Cleanup button below.

4.    If you are facing uneven (quite high latency one moment and quite low the other) then it is sure a virus/spyware infection. Run a good updated Anti Virus scan to clean the system.

5.    Strange but true, Hardware used for playing also plays an important role in reducing the ping.

6.    It would be better if you run least number of programs in the background so that the game can utilize all the bandwidth of the internet solely.

7.    CFGs used in the game are also important while reducing the ping. Usually servers have their own CFGs but it is an important factor.

8.    Then there are various server and client rates like cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate. Generally the lower values of these rates are preferred but these are different for different systems. Default values are cl_cmdrate 101 and cl_updaterate 101.

So how many of you found the above info helpful?

15 Replies to “Steps to Reduce Counter Strike Latency or Ping”

  1. this is good stuff but doesnt help me at the movement, i didnt have any ping problem but strangly some days back ma ping is fluctuatin like hell can you suggest some settings for this???

  2. how can i reduce latency?? ?……i m using ptcl broadband and i get latency of 300 or above which makes my game hard…….plzzz tell me how i can reduce my latence…..i m using ips of brainnet………..ptcl ips r not supported on my computer…..tell me the solution of both questions….thnxxx

  3. CAll your isp if they provide you using IPstream Max ask for Interleaving to be turned off If you are on a LLU provide as for a “fast path ” profile

    Source: Work for an ISP

  4. @baapji, its really hard to play any online game using data card.There is not any solution unless u try broadband,

  5. hey, i have a studio 1555, and i a geting very high latency while playing cs 1.6 on a wifi server, while playing my cpu and ram works normal, heip..!!

  6. hey,,
    i have pavalion g6 hp laptop..
    i get very high latency while playing cs on wifi nd it runs normally at lan connections plz help..
    nd all other games like nfs runs pretty gud at wifi,,
    plz suggest sumthing

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