Steps to Reduce Wait Time while Dual Booting Windows with Ubuntu

With reference to the article published yesterday, that explains how to set Windows as the Default Operating System to boot while Dual Booting with Ubuntu, here is another post on the Ubuntu that explains how you can either reduce the wait time to choose an OS while Dual Booting or how you can make the Grub Loader to wait indefinitely for OS selection.

The process is very easy and requires you to boot into the Ubuntu before performing the following steps.

Steps to reduce the wait time:

1.    After booting into Ubuntu, type the following command in the terminal.

sudo vi /boot/grub/menu.lst

2.    In the window that opens, locate the highlighted text as shown below.

3.    Now just change the value of the “timeout” from 10 to any time you want. Save the file and restart the PC.

4.    Now the OS selection screen will wait for that specified time instead of waiting 10 seconds (by default).

Steps to make Grub Loader wait indefinitely:

If you want to make the OS selection screen to wait indefinitely till you select the OS manually, then just put a # before the “timeout 10″ line in the file, then save and restart your computer.

This thing will help if you wish to make OS choice manually.

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