Steps to Reduce Windows Shutdown Time

This is the most common problem experienced by almost all of us that when we shutdown our computer, it takes a long time to do so while it wasn’t doing so few months back. Then what happened and why is it taking too long to shutdown? It was also the problem of one of our regular readers who wanted to know what can be done to improve shutdown time.

Reasons of slow shutdown:

There is no single reason for this problem and also no specific one. There are several factors that reduce the computer shutdown speed.

1.    Not enough system memory

2.    Too many startup programs

3.    Too many useless files

4.    Spyware or virus

5.    Cluttered registry


To remove these problems you would surely like to see this post and to solve your registry problems download ccleaner that is a great tool to manage your registries but do that if you are comfortable with registries.

Also download this tool called Absolute Shutdown that is a great tool which allows the users to set amount of time in seconds Windows should wait before killing a process or service.

By default, Windows wait 20 seconds to kill an application and 35 seconds to kill the hung application which is seriously large. Set the value to 5 seconds for both “Wait to kill application timeout” and “Wait to kill hung application” and to 2 seconds for “Wait to kill service timeout” but if you face any problem then try increasing the values slightly.

This will significantly reduce the shutdown time.

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  1. There is another way which I have found at “Trix”. It works fine but I am not sure whether it is safe or not?

    1. Open task manager by Ctrl + Alt + Delete .
    2. Now press ctrl and open the Shutdown menu on top .
    3. Keeping ctrl pressed click on Shutdown .

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