Steps to Remove Chrome.exe Virus

One of our readers was facing the issues in his system due to this virus called Chrome.exe. Although it usually is a setup file that is used to install Chrome browser but this can be a virus file if found in other locations than expected.

How Chrome.exe virus affects

The worm is found to spread itself through online messengers and internet. It also emails some link to all the people in the contact list asking to click on the link thereby downloading the worm.

It also downloads other malware and it will also attempt to propagate via the means of creating copies of itself onto removable devices such as USB flash and hard drives.


You should try the following steps to remove the virus from the system.

1.    The first try to remove the virus is to perform a System Restore as this can work if your restore files are not yet infected.

2.    Now if the first step doesn’t work, uninstall the chrome browser from the system and follow the steps below.

3.    Boot the system in safe mode, kill the task of chrome.exe (if any) from the task manager and remove the chrome.exe (if any) from the startup list which you can see by typing msconfig in the Run box.

4.    Now search for chrome.exe file in the Windows drive and delete any file found. We expect the file to be located at following locations


5.    Open registry editor (by typing regedit in Run box) and navigate to the following location
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\

Ensure that the value of Shell key on right side is none other than Explorer.exe

6.    Search for Chrome entry in the registry editor and delete if you find any.

Reboot to boot the system in normal mode. This should remove the virus for you.

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