Steps to Remove C:\resycled\ is not a valid Win32 Application Error

Reported by one of our readers, this was the problem that whenever he double clicked on the drive, the following message showed up “C:\resycled\ is not a valid Win32 Application”. Needless to mention C:\resycled\ is a virus and more accurately a worm.

The worm creates an autorun.inf file on each drive of the computer when an infected drive is inserted in the PC. This is a worm of high risk priority and should be removed immediately.

Steps to remove

Solution 1:
Download this utility that does all the removal steps automatically itself and will surely remove the C:\resycled\ worm and hence the error message.

Solution 2 (Manually):
1.    Kill the process from the task manager if any.

2.    Delete the folder named resycled from each drive and also the autorun.inf file.

3.    Search for the following files in the My Computer and delete them (if any)


4.    Open the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and delete the following entries (if any): (search for this and delete the matched entries)

Let me know which one of the above solves your problem.

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