Steps to Remove DoScan.exe from the Startup Processes

I have a good configuration of my computer but was still troubled by it taking more time to launch any application after it completed the booting process. When I opened the Task Manager I realized that a process named “DoScan.exe” was running every time I booted up my system and disappears after some time.

What is DoScan.exe?

DoScan.exe is a startup scan linked with the Symantec Client Security Anti Virus that scans all startup files after every reboot. This is an auto generated quick scan that scans the system every time you reboot the computer, thus checking for the infection.

But the problem with this is that it consumes lots of computer resources. It consumes more than 50MB of memory, thereby making our computer go slow, though for a short period of time.

But if you are sure that your system do not get infected that often and can also handle the viruses with confidence, then you can consider removing this process from running each time after booting the computer.


1.    Run the Symantec Anti Virus.

2.    Click on Startup Scans on the left side.

3.    Delete all the startup scans listed there, like the one saying “Auto-generated Quick Scan”.

4.    To delete them, you need to right click on it and then select delete option.

DoScan.exe will not run now every time you boot.

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  1. I too have the problem of Norton AntVirus running a quick scan every time I start up my computer. I have version

    On this version, no matter where I look (and I’ve looked everywhere), in every option I can find throughout, I don’t have any options such as the ones pictured above. Also, as stated in the help index, there’s supposed to be a “Configure scan” button underneath the Tasks & Scans bar. I don’t h ave one in my version.

    Do I have a limited version as to where I don’t have certain custom options? The damn quick scan at startup is so annoying, and so unnecessary. If when shutting down, my computer is clean & safe, I don’t feel the need to then run a scan on startup. I don’t really go into risky sites, and my Auto Protect catches everything that comes my way. When I run a full scan once a week, maybe here and there I’ll find some misleading applications (maybe one or two every few months), and I can easily remove them.

    What I’m trying to say again is, I don’t feel the need to run a quick scan every single startup. Can anyone help me get rid of it?

  2. Thanks also for this tip; this doscan.exe has been a pain for nearly a year, and I have it on 3 computers. This solution was so easy; other ones were ~config.sys jobs
    Thanks again

  3. Found this help today on a link from; thanks for your tip. Worked great.

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