Steps to Remove FreeCause Toolbar

Toolbars are sometimes great and helpful as they can help us in accessing certain things that we often access easily and in few steps. Say for instance, a PR checking toolbar helps you in quickly checking the Page Rank of any webpage without the need to check manually.

Similarly, FreeCause toolbar is a toolbar using which you can search several search engines at the same time with the same search term typed once in the toolbar. This toolbar comes as an add-on in the web browsers like IE and Firefox.

FreeCause toolbar is sometimes helpful in searching for terms in more than one search engine as sometimes one search engine is insufficient in returning the results. It also shows some notifications directly to your desktop but you may also want to remove it.

In case you wish to remove the Freecause toolbar, here are the steps:

In IE:

1. Go to Control Panel of the computer

2. Open the Uninstall Program wizard, search for the Freecause toolbar (if it is not there, then open the Windows Features link, and uncheck box from there)

3. After installation, a restart may be required.

In Firefox:

1. Start the Firefox browser.

2. Go to Options -> Add-ons -> Extensions

3. Uninstall the Freecause toolbar from there

4. System/browser restart may be required.

You can remove any toolbar in similar way.

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