Steps to Remove MIRC Virus

One of our readers was facing problems due to the virus named as mIRC which is also known as IRC-Worm.Mircup, IRC/DeathTech, WIN.IRC.Virus and Trojan:IRCDeath.

The Trojan operates mostly upon IRC (Internet Relay Chat) if that is installed in the system. This Trojan is designed to update the mIRC version and looks like a harmless and useful program but in reality it does something that disables the mIRC or even causes some serious system problems.


To remove the Trojan perform following actions

1.    Look for a process titled “irc-worm.mircup.exe” in the task manager and kill it.

2.    Also search for the same file “irc-worm.mircup.exe” in the computer to delete it.

3.    Now download the Malwarebytes Anti Malware and scan the system using it.

Hope the Trojan is removed.

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