Steps to Remove MsRun32.exe Virus

MsRun32.exe is a Trojan/Backdoor and should be removed immediately from the system. The problem was faced by one of our readers who wanted to know the solution.

The virus MsRun32.exe is also related to W32.Imaut.CO which spreads easily with the removable drives. So without wasting any time let us remove the infection.


1.    Temporarily disable the System Restore.

2.    Also backup the registry before performing the following steps to restore any unlikely changes.

3.    Restart the PC in the safe mode.

4.    Kill the process msrun32.exe from the task manager.

5.    Remove the process from the startup list of msconfig (type msconfig.exe in Run).

6.    Search for the process in the My Computer and delete every instance of it.

Solution 1:

•    Scan the computer with good Anti Virus and download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware that will clean your system from Malwares, hopefully this one too.

•    Open registry editor and search for msrun32.exe, delete all the instances that come up, including this one.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”MSN Messengger” = “%System%\MsRun32.exe”

•    Reboot.

Solution 2:

Msrun32.exe can be removed by RegRun. It is a good tool to remove this virus, though in demo version but will remove the virus effectively.


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  1. Again a useful bit information,Friend I need some help right now. See I have the free avast edition in my desktop, now the problem is when I insert any USB device, avast gives a malware warning for autorun.inf at regular interval until I remove the device.Hope this is a new problem, will help even other geeks.

  2. its just a small virus found commonly in pen drives.when ur avast does that tell it to remove that virus. its small virus does not harm much

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