Steps to Remove regsvr.exe Virus

There are so many types of computer viruses in this world that removing them and finding a specific solution for each of them is a big ask. One such virus that screwed me is regsvr.exe classified as a W32.Imaut worm.

It has become a daily routine that when I plug my pen drive in my college systems (full of all kinds of viruses), it gets infected by the viruses instantly. Though the Anti Virus I use (Symantec) successfully detects and remove them but I feel that I should discuss the steps to remove regsvr.exe virus.

What the regsvr.exe virus does?

•    This worm creates folders and a registry entry to enable its automatic execution at every system startup.

•    This worm also creates a scheduled task to enable its automatic execution at a specified date and/or time.

•    It also creates Autorun.inf file for its auto execution.

Solution to fix the problem:

1.    If the task manager and registry editor is disabled then we need to enable them first. Read this post.

2.    Delete the Autorun.inf file created by the virus. Read this post to know how to do that.

3.    Now type msconfig in the Run dialog and click on startup tab.

4.    Look for regsvr and uncheck any options, click OK.

5.    Now traverse to control panel -> scheduled tasks, and delete the At1 task that might be listed there.

6.    Type regedit in the Run dialog to open the registry editor.

7.    Click on Edit -> Find and search for regsvr.exe

8.    Just delete all the occurrences of regsvr.exe virus (do not confuse it with regsvr32.exe which is not a virus).

9.    Navigate to entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and modify the entry Shell = “Explorer.exe regsvr.exe” to delete the regsvr.exe from it.

10.    Now to actually delete the virus from the system go to system32 folder and delete the regsvr.exe virus file from there (you will need to uncheck the option of “Hide Protected System Files and Folders” in Folder Options to view the virus file).

Reboot the system for changes to take place.

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73 comments on “Steps to Remove regsvr.exe Virus
  1. lightningflame says:

    I have a problem.
    I tried running the “msconfig” from the “run” but when I click OK, “msconfig doesn’t start at all.
    I think that it’s the virus that disabling the “msconfig to start.
    Please help me!!

  2. ai says:

    thanks a lot!! finally free of regsvr.exe ghost.

  3. kits says:

    i did all steps to remove regsvr.exe bt in last in system32 no regsvr.exe found n i coudnt delete it???

  4. Mayson says:

    Good day
    Hope you are well
    Your solution helped!!

  5. i am daily remove this from Task Manager because of this Virus eat my PC Speed and my PC Run very slow.

    but now i am find this post, now remove permanently.

    thanks, lots of thanks.

  6. ramprasad says:

    how to remove recycler virus from pc

  7. him says:

    thank y soo much its working

  8. Isha says:

    when i am running regedit,it says registery editting is disabled by administrator.but i havnt done this.what should i do??
    Please rply asap….

  9. admin says:

    Step 1 of the solution should help you.

  10. femz says:

    On insertng my pendrive,its showing disc drive not found in any computer,….i thnk its regsvr .exe virus waatz t solution.i got important datas in it …plz help

  11. Rajesh says:

    Cool. It works. TNX a Lot

  12. bull says:

    thank u so much…..its working 🙂

  13. hush says:

    the site was very helpful in removing virus from my pc…

  14. niranjan says:

    simple solution

    just go to run->type regedit-> fing the valu regsvr.exe

    now delet all the entries showing regsvr.exe.

    2) download ccleaner software & repair your registri

  15. robin says:

    Thanks it works really…
    and i wanted to know is there regsvr.exe our pwd and user name will be stored … coz when my friend use my system he will always come to know my pwd… how is it .. i wanted to know abt it …
    is he using any keyloger plz reply me i am awaiting for ur reply

    Thanking you…:)

  16. robin says:

    @admin you didn’t reply me .. i am waiting for ur reply … plz reply me …

  17. admin says:

    regsvr.exe dont store any passwords, it may be you have kept some login form to “remember your password” or any other thing.

  18. Rama says:

    I have a problem in my computer in USB Port when I Connect my pendrive its getting block Because I have a Symantec End protection Antivirus it is blocking my pendrive….
    if u have any Solution Pls send it immediately to my mail ID ….


  19. Prabhakar says:

    Very Usefull. Thanks.

  20. Vivek says:

    Thanks a lot!

  21. Pugal says:

    thank you.Tech Salsa and Admin

  22. manoj says:

    plz send me solution for remove regsvr.exe virus

  23. sunil says:

    Sir thank you very much it works ,I was going boot again but u helped truly and satisfied with you.THANK YOU.(Window 7)

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