Steps to Remove resycled or Virus

I got a virus! Yes I did get one yesterday. I wonder from where I got this but my system got infected with virus that displayed a resycled folder and an autorun.inf file on my each drive and even my Anti Virus (Symantec) which I trusted so much failed to catch it. I feel I should move on to some other now.

Anyways, I was tired after trying everything I knew to remove this virus but this one came up every time I removed it. I tried deleting it manually from the drives after changing the attributes and also deleting the concerned registry entries but none of the tricks worked.

It was the Safe Mode that fixed my problem and saved me from wasting another hour or so.

Steps to remove the virus:

1.    Boot into the safe mode (generally F8 key).

2.    Unhide the system hidden files by unselecting the option of “Hide Protected system hidden files” inside Tools-> Folder Options-> View tab and below the option of “Show hidden files and folders”.

3.    Now manually delete both the entries “resycled” folder and “autorun.inf” files from each drive.

4.    Run regedit and click on My Computer on left.

5.    Now find (Ctrl+F) both the keys “resycled” and “” one by one to delete all the instances of them.

6.    Last step is to delete all the instances of the files from your hard disk (better to search for them).

Reboot to see the virus removed. I guess it would have removed your problem, tell me anyways.

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