Steps to remove Vamsoft.exe Easily

There was a virus named Vamsoft.exe that infected my system yesterday and made me to rethink from where I got this. I have been removing the viruses for a good time now and this one was just another in the list.

Symptoms of vamsoft.exe virus:

Vamsoft.exe is classified as a Malware and it was it’s activities that made me to realize that my PC was infected again.

•    Double clicking on a drive opened in a new window.
•    Creates c:\windows\system32\ciuytr1.dll
•    Made the “Show hidden files and folder” option to reset again.•    Created an Autorun.inf file in the root of every drive.
•    Listed itself in the startup list of the computer (it did not show in the list but was there)


The steps to remove vamsoft.exe is quite easy

1.    Boot in the safe mode as the virus will keep coming back again and again in normal mode.

2.    Open My computer, search for “vamsoft.exe” in C drive and delete this exe. Also search for ciuytr1.dll to delete the file.

3.    Open Task Manager; kill this process with same name as vamsoft.exe (if any).

4.    Run msconfig in the Run box, and then uncheck this exe from the list.

5.    Restart the PC and boot in normal mode.

6.    Now type regedit in Run box, and click on My Computer on left.

7.    Search “vamsoft.exe” and delete every instance of it.

8.    Now perform the registry trick of this post to re-enable your “Show hidden files and folders” setting.

9.    Type “attrib X:\Autorun.inf –s –r –h” without quotes where X is your drive name for all drives. Now delete the autorun.inf file from root of every drive.

Reboot to see the problem solved!

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