Steps to remove Virus Alert that comes on system tray

There are several different types of viruses and malwares getting produced day by day. One such virus produces a label “Virus Alert” on the system tray besides the clock which keeps blinking. When we click on it then some site gets opened that displays virus and spyware remover software.

If these things has happened to you as well then your system has been hijacked!! But you need not worry as we can clean the system easily.

Steps to remove the virus:

1.    First of all it is advisable to remove all the temporary files and history files. You can find these in the C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp folder. Delete the history from the internet properties.
2.    Now to restore the system completely, we need to download a HijackThis script that will give the listing of all the processes that are running in the system which are also the prime suspects.
3.    When you run the script, it will give you all the infected files. Once the infected file is found, you just need to delete the file. You may need to restart the system.

Steps to restore the system tray:

1.    Virus Alert comes when the following value has been replaced with “Virus Alert”

sTimeFormat=h:mm: VIRUS ALERT!

in the registry

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International

2.    To restore this go to start -> Run and type “intl.cpl” without quotes.
3.    This will open a “Regional Settings properties” dialog box.
4.    Now from the dropdown list under “standards and formats” tab re-select the region by selecting another region first and then selecting your Region again.
5.    After hitting Apply, the problem would have gone.

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