Steps to Remove W32.Hacktool.Rootkit Virus

So many viruses and so many fixes, luckily we also have a fix for this one too. Asked by one of our viewers, here goes the fix to remove Hacktool.Rootkit virus.

Hacktool.Rootkit comprises of scripts and programs that allow the attackers to break into the system. It may also enable the user to gain the complete access of the PC. So one thing is for sure till now that, if your system is infected by this virus, you got to remove this asap.

Note: Create a System restore point to undo any changes that may not be liked by you.

Solution 1:
1.    Disable the System Restore:
Temporarily disable the System Restore feature so that System Restore may not back up the virus, worm, or Trojan on the computer present already.
2.    Go to Safe Mode (press F8 while booting the computer), run a complete scan with the ‘updated Anti Virus’.

Solution 2:
Download this tool called Gromozon, which may actually help you with the virus.

Solution 3:
Unhack Me, is a Hacktool. Rootkit remover that can remove the virus easily. Though this is a free tool but will work long enough to remove your problem.

Solution 4:
Download this utility called Rootkit Revealer, that will actually show if your PC is infected with this virus or not.

Run this to know the locations of the virus and delete them manually. Also delete the registry keys infected by this virus.

Solution 5:
1.    Search for this file called ‘msdirectx.sys’ in the root drive.
2.    If it is in the folder System32 then type the following command

attrib -r -h -s C:\Windows\system32\msdirectx.sys
del C:\Windows\system32\msdirectx.sys
Search the entries for msdirectx.sys in the registry editor and delete all of them.

The file may be in system32\drivers folder rather than system32 folder, so change the command accordingly.

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