Steps to Remove Win32:KillAV-KI[Trj] and Win32:Kavos[Trj] Virus

One of our viewers was bugged by this problem that his Anti Virus Avast gave him a warning of presence of virus “Win32:Kavos[Trj]” in cv22.cmd file along with the presence of “Win32:KillAV-KI[Trj]” Virus in pagefile.sys.

As usual the virus started making various problems and all weird things started happening like the disabling of drive opening by double click among others. The viruses listed above are more specifically Trojans and can be removed as follows.


•    Log in the safe mode.

•    Turn off the System Restore, to delete all the viruses whose backup has been taken by it. Right click on My Computer-> Properties-> System Restore tab-> click on Turn off System Restore on all drives. You may need to restart the computer.

•    Download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware that will clean your system from Malwares, hopefully this one too.

•    Also scan the system with True Sword Threat Remover that is made to remove these viruses.

•    You can also try scanning with Kaspersky Online Scanner.

Hope any of the above solves your problem.

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