Steps to Remove Win32:Rootkit-gen[Rtk] Virus

Win32:Rootkit-gen[Rtk], another Virus, another addition in the list and another solution to remove it. Faced by some of our readers, this was an irritating problem that their PC was infected by this virus.

Symptoms of the problem:

•    Win32:Rootkit-gen[Rtk] virus infection notice.
•    Resides in file which happens to be a virus itself.
•    Also resides in System Volume Information folder.
•    May also prevent double click opening of a drive.


Steps to remove virus
•    Run Task Manager, delete the process, if any.
•    Run msconfig in the Run box and remove the virus file from startup list, if any.
•    Reboot into safe mode, search the file, and remember to include hidden files option as well.
•    Permanently delete the files found.

Steps to remove Win32:Rootkit-gen[Rtk] Virus
•    The only reason why this virus infects the PC again is that, it has been saved in the System Restore files.
•    So turn off the System Restore now (Right click on My Computer-> Properties-> System Restore tab-> click on Turn off System Restore on all drives).
•    Reboot the PC to let the restore files to get deleted.
•    Now just turn on the system restore.

The virus has been removed!!

26 Replies to “Steps to Remove Win32:Rootkit-gen[Rtk] Virus”

  1. I have that Win32:Rootkit-gen [Rtk] popping up on my avast…done all those steps..still cant find the file to delete??? ahhhh!

  2. That would never work here. I have the win32:rootkit-gen[Rtk] and my “system restore” is already off (since forever)… don’t know what to do anymore… 🙁

  3. I am really fedup with the win32:rootkit-gen[Rtk] popups by AVAST. I dont have any solution yet for this menace, please suggest if any one has.

  4. Same problem. Avast keeps popping this warning. I tried the above system restore steps but to no avail.

    Help us Tech Salsa….

  5. my system is infected by win 32 rootkit-gen plz give me removal patch i will search uro but nothing that type of file

  6. the only solution i could find is a full format n re install ur windows again but dont put any data on disk/pen drive as virus will atach 2 it

  7. I have a problem with this virus… Once avast “deleted” it I lost sound on my PC. Could it be related to it and what can I do to return sound (I think it deleted my sound drivers)

  8. guys just download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware software and perform a complete scan
    after scaning it will ask for a system reboot just restart ur system and i wont bother u again!

  9. after you finish that step above…
    run malwarebytes >>>

    Double click mbam-setup.exe to install the application.

    * Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, then click Finish.
    * If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version.
    * Once the program has loaded, select Perform Full Scan, then click Scan.
    The scan may take some time to finish,so please be patient.

  10. This virus is driving me crazy!!
    I tried all the steps, but there was any files in the task manager or in the start up list.

  11. Hey Guys The Only Way To Remove This Shit Is Download Combofix
    & Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware software.

    Second: Restart Your PC To Safe mode

    Third: In Safe Mode Desable Your Anti Virus And Anti Malware Are Running In Your PC

    Fourth: Run Combofix And Wait Till Finish It Will Popup a LOG File And Your PC Restart Again To Normal Mode.

    Fifth: Instant The Malwarebytes And Update Then Run a Full Scan

    Congratulation Your PC Is CLeaned From All Viruses & Spyware You Have In Your PC 🙂


  12. Not sure if its off. Avast said it deleted it. I never knew I had it until last night. Theres been no weird activity except for a cmd box that pops up for like .5 seconds once an hour or so. And twice my virus protections gone off but avast isnt leaving.
    idk if its still there or not

  13. i ma vary upset with avast protection….n suffering win32:rootkit-gen[Rtk] .
    Any bdy suggest me….(o santa mariya help us)

  14. im fed up with this virus two, it has eaten most of my drivers i cant use my mouse, nor my keyboard, it wont connect to the internet, this is crazy!!
    i will do a complete formating but i must suggest you not to ignore the warnings. this virus is a bitch.

  15. yeah yeah !
    this is a very good experience to learn the hard way in life !
    if you keep installing patches & clicking on anything that it really turns you on , guess what ?
    you wind up in a situation like this !
    I caught up the same bitch ass VIRUS & malwarebytes didn’t do a damn shit , neither Mcafee housecall & IOBIT security 360 pro !
    & the only 1 that really detected it was : AVAST ! ….. bravo !
    so NOW :
    run AVAST a boot scan configured to move it to the chest 1st , if failure occurs , then delete it permanently !
    & during the scan & the removal , make sure you deconnect from the internet absolutely !
    once done , reboot in a safe mode , then reboot in a normal mode after !
    then run : REGISTRY booster 2010 , then clean up all the mess after that !
    reboot once more & delete all the junk files & history browsing !
    & FINALLY everything should be OKAY !
    the next day run : AVAST 4.8 pro & not the 5 , followed by MALWAREBYTES in a second hand & never at first , remember !
    THANKS 4 reading !

  16. very important !
    when the virus cleanup is done & the registry fixed back in normal, just delete all the cookies , history & junk files !
    you can use :
    – superantispyware & ATF cleaner for windows !
    -make sure not to scan with CC cleaner , it might get you in another EPISODE of having more trouble !
    if you got : windows washer , it will be really awesome to complete this DRAMA movie !
    Bye everyone & take care !

  17. Does this problem ONLY occur with free versions of anti-viruses? Does anyone have a problem with the pay versions? I had Avira Antivir Free Version and had similar problems after a certain time of useage. I switched to Avast Free Version and now after a couple of months am having the same kind of problems. It won’t let me load MalWarebytes Anti-Malware anymore either. I’ll try and download a fresh version if that will work. I guess they must really want us to pay huh? LOL…..

  18. Hey guys Im facing the same window of Avast but when I use system restore and restore My Pc to previous checkpoint and then Restart my PC It works fine,but as soon as as i restart my PC again the problem occurs once again………so I always need to run system restore everytime to Run my pC in normal mode.

  19. Mouse can be sorted by going to control panel > mouse and reset sensitivity. To get there you can open folders by selecting icon then press enter. This virus disables most security software by switching those services off. Best to use Trend Rootkit Buster to clean it out.

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