Steps to Remove Yellow Color from Form Fields

It happened to me one day that there was no yellow color in the form field where we are required to enter some information in a web page while the next day there was a yellow color in the field. Where did this color come from?

I was wondering why some computers show a yellow color in the form fields when we visit a site. These are not any CSS modifications as one would think of. Finally I got to know the cause of this behavior.

Cause of this yellow color is the Google Toolbar that I installed that day. This is a popular toolbar for browsers like IE and FireFox and the color originated due to some options that we didn’t check before installing it.

Steps to remove the color:

If you don’t like this color to appear then you can do that easily.

1.    Click on “Settings” button on the right side of the toolbar. Now click on “Options”.

2.    Now in the “Features menu” go to “Auto fill settings”.

3.    Find the Highlight option at the bottom and then

uncheck the option of “Highlight fields on webpages that Autofill can update in Yellow”.

4.    When you click OK, the color would not appear again.

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