Steps to Resize a Partition using Partition Magic 8.0

Bought a new Hard Disk or want to create new partitions in it? Or just want to resize an existing partition to give it an extra space. You can easily do that and within minutes. It was asked by one of our readers who wanted to know “how to resize a partition”.

The solution is simple and requires you to download this great utility called Norton Partition Magic 8.0. This is an awesome tool that can do many functions apart from regular creating and resizing work. The tool is so simple to use that anyone with basic knowledge of computers can use it and there is no reason why should you not have this.

Partition Magic removes our entire load and does the partitioning work quite easily. Partition Magic does this work so carefully that partitioning does not result in any data loss. The tool is so handy that apart from regular partitioning work it does following useful things:

•    Create, resize and copy Partitions.
•    Merge or Split partitions.
•    Install another Operating System.
•    Create a backup partition.
•    Redistribute free space.
•    Delete a partition.
•    Convert a partition from one file system to another.

Steps to resize/create a partition:

1.    Launch Partition Magic, and then after selecting the desired drive, click on “Resize a partition” link on the left side. Click “Create a new partition” if you want to create a new partition.

2.    A separate application is opened in which you have to first select a desired drive and then give the memory space for resizing/creating.

3.    Choose the memory space carefully (you should be good at Mathematics :)) and just click next.

4.    Rest it will take care of.

Soon you will see a new or resized partition.

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