Steps to Restore Missing Run Command from Windows

The problem of missing Run command was faced by one of our readers and if similar is the problem with you then below are the steps to solve this problem.

Solution 1:

•    You need to open gpedit.msc but since Run is missing then you can open it from the Administrative tools inside the control panel.

•    Go to user configuration ->  admin templates -> click “Start Menu and Taskbar”. Look for the option “remove run menu from start menu” on the right side. Double click it and ensure that it is Enabled.

Solution 2:

•    You may wish to use a third party tool called RunMimic that is exactly similar to the Run command in look and working.

•    It can be downloaded from here

Solution 3:

•    Create a notepad file and write the following line in it.


•    Save it as Run.bat and just double click it to enable the Run dialog.

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  1. WISH similar solutions are offered for missing Task Manager,&
    Desktop Shortcuts not working for installed applications.

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