Steps to Restore the Missing Accessories from Start Menu

The Accessories folder in the Start Menu of our computer is a very important folder/shortcut that contains various important tools like System Restore, Disk Defragmenter, Paint, Calculator and many others. But what if there is no Accessories folder in your PC?

The Accessories folder in the All Programs menu is an important folder as it provides the access to various important tools listed above but it can happen to you that there is no Accessories folder in the Start Menu. It could have been deleted as well. But you can easily restore the Accessories folder inside the Start Menu.


1.    A general solution is to copy the same folder from a PC that has it and paste it back in your system. Copy the folder from the location “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories” and paste it back to the same location in your PC. This technique would work as the target location is “%SystemRoot%\system32” instead of “C:\Windows\system32” so even if the Windows is installed in any other directory, copying the folder will work.

2.    Or use this software called “Restore Accessories Group” created by Ramesh Srinivasan.

This tool is so helpful that you can easily restore the accessories folder back and even for any user account. The tool very small and works like a charm.

Download Accrestore


3. Thanks to one of our readers Max Centurion, the following step worked for him. Create a new user account in your system and the accessories option should be present in the new account. Now if you log back into the earlier account, the missing accessories option should be back.

Sounds strange but this have been found to work.

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  1. This is the type of tool I would like to see one of that restores Windows XP back to most of it’s factory settings. Mot like sysprep, but just enough to take an existing system and make it like it is as close to brand new as possible in original registry settings. I don’t want to reset the activtions on the system. Now it would be neat to reset the minisetup so that I could make an image of my system partition and store it on a CD or another partition and then restore it and when the computer restarts it comes up as a first time user setup. That can be done with sysprep but I wish there were just some registry setting changes that I could make to make it begin that process on the next startup and show the Would you like to take tour of Windows XP baloon and icon in the notification area.

  2. This is great tool, thanks. somehow my system restore was lost from my menu, and this put it back instantly.

    thanks for the tip!

  3. OK, I had the same problem and I right clicked on my user folder name in explorer and then unchecked the hidden box and there it was – the accessories folder…. You need to have administrator privilege… Hope that works for you too….

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