Steps to Retrieve Files from Windows.Old Folder

One of our readers was troubled this problem that after he had moved from Windows XP to Windows Vista, he came across a folder called Windows.old in the C drive.

If you also do not know that what folder is this and how to retrieve data from this folder, then below are the steps.

More Information:

The Windows.old folder contains the following folders:

•    Windows
•    “Documents and Settings”
•    “Program Files”

While all the “My Documents” data is located in the Documents and Settings folder, all the programs installed earlier are now in the Program Files folder.

Steps to retrieve:

1.    Click Start, type %systemdrive%\Windows.old in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.

2.    The Windows.old folder will open up and you can now copy and take the data out of it.

Let me know if any problem.

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  1. my computer cleared some space up on my harddrive and it deleted my windows.old folder and i didn’t want it to. Do you happen to know to retreive that file back?

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