Steps to Save .swf Flash File from Website

We all like surfing the net a lot (it’s my one of the favorite activities as well 🙂 ) and happens to us that we come across some really interesting flash animation that we wish to view again. There can be many flash animations like Flash game, Flash Advertisements, Flash Tutorials, Flash Movie etc and we can’t save them just by right click as there is no option of doing so.

Well no more need to load the page again and again as we can easily save that “Shockwave File” in our computer’s hard disk. We can use following steps for Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser.

For any Browser:

•    Under View tab click on Page Source option.

•    Press Ctrl + F to find swf file by typing .swf in the box and something like “<embed src=””> </embed>

•    Now copy the URL ( in this case) in the address bar.

•    This will open the swf file, now we can either save it directly (if prompted), or go to File -> Save As..

For Firefox:

•    Click on Tools -> Page Info

•    Now click on Media Tab.

•    This will show the list of images and files that were loaded during the page loading process.

•    Now just select the .swf file from the list and click on Save As button

So how you like the tip?

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