Steps to Split or Join Files with Extensions .001, .002 and so on

It happens many times that we have a file that is very large in size and we can not carry it in any storage media, then we wish to spilt the file in files of smaller size that can be transported easily and joined later on.

Whether you want to upload files over internet (like Rapidshare in which there is a limit of 200 MB) or just wish to gain some info, you can easily split files into small files that can be carried or uploaded easily. The advantage of this process is that splitting takes only seconds and the files can be easily joined as well.

HJ-Split is a great utility that does both of the work of splitting and joining the files easily. According to the developers, HJ-Split is a popular set of freeware file-splitting programs created by in collaboration with various programmers.

Advantages of HJ-Split:

•    You want to send a file of size say 20 MB via email, which allows you to send only 10 MB of it at a time. You can split it into 2 parts of 10 MB each.

•    While uploading a movie to Rapidshare that allows up to 200 MB file size.

•    The tool can also join the files easily and instantly.

•    It requires no installation and can be run from a USB drive as well.

Just Download the tool, and run to see various options. You can either split the file into extensions .001, .002 and so on or join them into one (as shown).

Just make sure to keep all the files in one folder before joining.

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