Steps to Terminate Process or Full Screen Game when Hang

It may happen to any of us that in spite of having a good configuration and powerful PC our system may hang when we run an application or a full screen game. This happened to me when I was playing Counter Strike (I enjoy playing many other games as well) the game hanged, sound started looping and nothing was working.

I tried hitting several keys like Ctrl + Alt + Del, Alt + F4 and Windows button but nothing seemed going my way. I was left with no other option but to restart my PC using the cabinet power button. I am actually not in favor of this as the improper shutdown can corrupt our data and can cause many other problems.

So I have found a useful way to kill the process that it is worth sharing here.

  • First check out the actual name of the process like it is “hl.exe” for the Counter Strike. Right click on the icon to know the name.

  • Now we need to create a batch file that will actually kill the process. Open a new Notepad and paste the following command:

taskkill /IM hl.exe

(You will need to replace hl.exe with the process name) and save it as .bat file

  • Place this .bat file on the desktop (the only disadvantage).
  • Right click and click “Create Shortcut”.
  • Right click on the shortcut and enter a key in “Shortcut key” box.

  • You will see a combination of keys being assigned to run this bat file.

So just hit the keys next time when the system hangs.

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