Steps to Transfer Files Using Bluesoleil and Bluetooth

Bluesoleil is the most popular Bluetooth device driver used by many of us today to sync our computer with our mobile phones using the Bluetooth technology. It can create a small network between our cell phone and our PC that enables us to transfer any file between our PC and the mobile phone.

But there are many of us who are facing difficulties in using this program, as was with one of our readers. So here goes the list of steps that will make the things easier to use this application.


From computer to phone:
1.    It is assumed that you have installed some version of Bluesoleil in your computer (if not then get that from here). Start the Bluesoleil application.

2.    Start the Bluetooth service on your computer (use a Bluetooth Dongle if there is no Bluetooth by default).

3.    Also start the Bluetooth services on your phone.

4.    Now double click on the Orange ball in the center of the main Bluesoleil page, your phone should get listed here.

5.    Also add this computer on your Bluetooth device list on your phone (use a password for reliable transfer).

6.    Now double click the phone on the Bluesoleil page, when you notice the icons on the top you will see that the ones that will work for your phone will highlight.

7.    Double click the file transfer icon that will open a new window, drag and drop any item (compatible with your phone) to this window which will ultimately show up in your phone.

From phone to computer:

After you follow the first 6 steps, perform these
7.     To send the file you want to transfer via Bluetooth, click on “send via” (or something like that).

8.     The files would automatically show up in the Bluetooth folder in the My Documents on the PC.

Alternatively, you could use Windows default Bluetooth service which is also easy to use (run “fsquirt” command in the run box and just follow the instructions).

4 Replies to “Steps to Transfer Files Using Bluesoleil and Bluetooth”

  1. gud day sir, ive followed ur steps but still i cant transfer files from phone to pc. ive tried transfering with steps 1-6 active but my phone displays “unable to connect, maximum number of bluetooth connection already in use” and sending without steps 1-6 displays “unable to connect”
    any alternatives pls, thanks.

  2. Only for you:
    Use Windows default bluetooth service, type fsquirt in the run box and use the default wizard which is quite easy also. Try and reply.

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