Steps to Transfer Firefox Bookmarks from One Computer to Another

Definitely, Bookmarks are for those people who like visiting some good site on a regular basis but don’t like to type the URL again and again. Also, bookmarking a site is a great solution to keep your favorite sites listed with you if you tend to forget its URL.

But what if you are going to format your PC, or shift to another computer or just decide to use another account for yourself in the same PC? Firefox provides you with the exact solution that you are looking for. You can easily export your bookmarks from your computer to the other, needless to say, without typing the URL again and again.


1.    Run Firefox browser, go to Bookmarks tab and then click on “Organize Bookmarks”.

2.    Now click on “Import and Backup” tab in the Bookmarks library.

3.    In the window that opens click on “Export HTML” option and then just save the file.

4.    A file with .html extension will be saved that you need to copy in the other system for restoring the bookmarks.

5.    Now in the other computer, follow the same procedure but click on “Import HTML” option this time.

6.    Now locate the html file that you saved.

All the bookmarks will now appear back on the other computer.

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  1. Excited to find this right up to step 3 when I try and open the file it is greyed out so i can’t open it. Please help!

  2. This is the most helpful way to transfer bookmarks from one computer to another I have found. It helped me a lot, and I just wanted to say thank you so much, and God bless.

  3. Important step: In order to get to the bookmark tab you need to click on “show all bookmarks” under the bookmarks menu.

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