Steps to Uninstall Folder Lock without Password

Folder Lock is a great utility used to protect our secret and confidential data in a folder under the password selected by us. The tool is of great use to us but the only thing with this software is that it requires the password while uninstalling.

This feature protects unauthorized uninstalling of the software but this becomes a problem when we don’t remember it. This was the same problem with one of readers who has forgotten his password and wanted to uninstall the folder lock.

So this is how to uninstall the tool:

Method 1:

•    If your tool is registered then you can just enter the registration key to override the password and uninstall the tool.

Method 2:

•    Download the any full version copy of the same version you are using, for example Folder lock v5.7.5 or something like that.
•    Install it and run after installation.
•    You will be prompt to login using a new folder lock user id and folder lock registration key.
•    Use the following info for that

FolderLock User ID: NewSoft15805
FolderLock Registration Key: 221281703

•    After you have entered the information above, follow the programs procedures until registration is finish. Start folder lock and when the program asks for the password, use the folder Registration Key stated above.
•    Click “options” and select uninstall.

Method 3:

•    Use the folder lock password cracker and let it do the rest.

Some of the solutions have been found working but does not guarantees the same.

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