StNotepad: Transparent Notepad for Windows

Although Windows have its default notepad which lacks several features there are many replacements for it too. One such Windows notepad replacement is called StNotepad.

While surfing the internet I came across this so cool notepad called StNotepad that I felt sharing it with the others. While StNotepad is a notepad used for writing texts, its most impressive feature is that it is semi-transparent that means you can still focus on other applications and windows running in the background while writing on this notepad.

StNotepad notepad is having unique see-through feature, which helps users to type the text from images and documents from which the data cannot be copied. Background of this Notepad is semi-transparent and text is completely opaque. This also provides more visibility settings to split the background and text such as Opacity, Background Color, Font Color and etc.

Another interesting feature of StNotepad is that it maps the URLs of the links to themselves that is you just need to click the link to open it just like it is in MS Word. You can also drag and drop the text to copy past. The tool has several interesting features for the touch screen enabled systems.

Download StNotepad

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