Stop Google from Tracking you when visiting websites

Google is the sole leader of the internet, today, when it comes to online searches but do you also know that Google also tracks the users for their own purposes and for improving their services. Google uses this data to learn about the user habits so that they can improve their services.

Say when you visit a website that uses any of the Google services like Google Analytics, Adsense, Google search, or other things you are tracked by Google. While this may not have any adverse effect on you but still there are users who don’t like any kind of monitoring on them and for this reason you may want to disable or block the Google from tracking you.

Well in case you are using Firefox this can be done easily using an extension called Google Disconnect and as the name suggests, it disconnects the user from the Google services when visiting a webpage but this does not mean you can’t access the website or its services. Google Disconnect blocks traffic from third-party sites to Google servers but still lets you access Google services.

While you may access the website as usual, you might not be able to use some of the features of Google like the Google Maps when you have this add-on installed. After you have installed the add-on you will be able to see an icon in the address bar if a page initiates a Google request. You can block or unblock the Google services by clicking the icon and these preferences will be saved for you next time you visit the page.

Download Google Disconnect

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