Stop or Hide Game Updates from Friends on Facebook Feed

After the Candy Crush notifications, I am now frustrated at my buddies filling my news feed with their game updates. Seeing their game updates again and again on my news feed is kind of irritating and was wondering if there is some way to turn it off. Well, I just came across one and thought to share with you so that you can disable them too. (If you are still struggling to disable the Candy Crush or similar notifications, here is the procedure to disable them).


Method 1:

1. Click on the arrow on the top of the game update that you are seeing.

2. Now click on the button Hide Post, this will hide similar kind of requests from your feed.


Method 2:

1. This way actually uses the Facebook app, so pick up your phones and start the app.
2. As shown, click on Account Settings on the left pane.

3. Now click on the Apps button

4. Here you will see the Platform button, you will need to click on it.

5. Under the first section of Game Invites and Notifications, you need to select the No button as this will turn off the notifications for you.


That’s it, isn’t it so simple yet we all were not aware of that? Try it out for you and you should not see those game updates on your feed again.

Do share it with others to help them.

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